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Healing from early childhood trauma

Attachment and Bonding — not JUST for adoptive children Difficulties with attachment/bonding issues are particularly prominent when I deal with children who’ve been adopted. Emotional trauma frequently combines with physical and/or neglect. My heart goes out to them, their parents

A novel way to drop education AND health care costs

Deciding how to deliver, and pay for, quality education and health care are two “yuge” (to borrow from a certain president-to-be) discussions in our society.  With costs for both rising, alternatives to each are popping up. There are solutions that

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RMTi or Brain Gym? Brain Gym or RMTi?

Here are some (very fluid) generalizations that might help you choose which class is for you. RMT: Based on 17 movements (plus others) in procedure formats — or done alone. Began just 13-ish years ago; introduced 10 years ago in

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When profound art hints at inner growth

One of the more fascinating perks of my job is when an unexpected jewel is born.  Rebekah brought forth such a jewel recently. I’d been seeing her monthly (they live 2+ hours away) since April, when her mom read about

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Want creativity? We got that.

It’s not just for learning blocks, sensory processing, ADD/HD, ASD/Asperger’s, emotional control, social skills, stress management, right/left brain balance! Add CREATIVITY to the list! Andrea, the mother I’d wrtten about from the previous newsletter, decided she wanted some of this

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Let me back up a bit.

         Sage was 23 when his (adoptive) mother first brought him to see me.  Dressed in long pants, long sleeves, and a hoodie, even in summertime heat, Sage rarely spoke, but when he did, it was in a quiet monotone,

Do you know anybody with migraines?

Near-instant migraine relief — and prevention!  — without drugs. Click here for a marvelous report from a nurse who, despite max’ing out on medication, was having debilitating migraines 5-7 times a month.  Anybody who lives with migraines or around somebody

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Of all things! Cold, low-level harmonic lasers help enormously!

“Lasers?  REALLY?” At first, I really was disbelieving.  I just didn’t understand how training a cold, diffused laser at a nerve pathway would mature a reflex.  And I wasn’t crazy about the terminology:  It “donates energy” to the mitochondria.  How

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Yet another Irlen miracle

The things Irlen lenses can do! Anyone who wants to save money on medication for their migraines, as well as reclaim that time and living in anticipation of the next one, should consider getting screened for Irlen and perhaps get

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What do people with Irlen syndrome see, and why does it lead to problems?

This is fascinating: What some people with Irlen syndrome see when they look at print You can see what challenges people who have learning issues, especially dyslexia or dyscalcula, or ADD/HD

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