Brain Gym® Courses


A Taste of Brain Gym®: This five hour overview of Brain Gym history, principles and the 26 exercises that comprise the basis of Brain Gym work is packed full of tips, stories, and ways you can get started in class to improve your life, easily! People are amazed at how the simplest of exercises can change the way they feel, think and perform then, and how doing them helps organization, productivity, memory, focus, concentration – wherever you’re experiencing challenges. Also explained is WHY and HOW simple movements like these affect a wide range of obstacles people experience! Includes a $13 handbook.

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A three-day course teaching the principles behind Brain Gym, how to use your whole brain in coordination for optimum learning, and how movement supports learning, performance, self-confidence. You’ll use all 26 Brain Gym movements and variations, learning the Brain Gym balance process to overcome many obstacles in life. Focus, communication, organization, and memory is highly targeted, and you’ll also get chances to improve things surrounding reading, vision, and coordination. This is a highly experiential class, so bring lots of your real-life goals to address!

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