Brain Gym

What is BRAIN GYM®?

  • Taught in 40 languages, in 80 countries.
  • Uses Simple-to-do, enjoyable movements that help anyone do things more easily.
  • Surprise is a typical reaction as everybody from children to seniors find they’re more capable than they imagined possible.

Brain Gym Class

  • What doesn’t come easily to you?
  • Schools use it, as students learn more effectively, with less effort. Grades and attention spans increase, while behavior problems decrease.
  • Athletes and performers of all kinds get that extra edge.
  • Those in the business world find they’re more effective.
  • Mental health improves as stress, anxiety, and whole-brain function improves.
  • Seniors (and the rest of us!) find that balance, coordination, and memory improve.
Brain Gym Class
Brain Gym Class

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation/Brain Gym International.
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