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Looking ahead: seeing a baby bloom into maturity

Heidi Tillotson, COTA/L come to just two days of RMT last month; at the third day of training this month, she told us this story.  I’ve distilled the official version into a laymen’s story, and am including the therapist’s version

Is ANXIETY an epidemic now?

Anxiety in preschoolers and in teens/young adults seems to be as contagious as the flu these days. Living in unstable homes or unsafe neighborhoods understandably leads to some of the cases of anxiety. However, toddlers as well as adolescents experience

When you can startle physicians, you know you’ve got a WOW!

Here’s a class picture of my last RMT class — TWO physicians, a myofacial therapist, an occupational therapy doctoral student … and one Boy Scout leader who wanted tools to use when he encounters boys who need help. The physicians

“My brain says so silly, but (these Brain Gym exercises are) surprisingly effective!” — Sean, 22

Oh my heavens, what a story! Sean came for a session this week.  He’s 22 and would like to sketch more (and presumably, do video games perhaps a little less).  Brain Gym has you role-playing your goal, then doing some

You’ll want Kleenex AND pom-poms for this one: You can’t help but cry and cheer

I saw 10-year-old John yesterday for the first time. He had two homes before going to his adoptive family 8 years ago, and has more than the usual level of difficulties. He seemed brighter and happier when he left, and

Healing from early childhood trauma

Attachment and Bonding — not JUST for adoptive children Difficulties with attachment/bonding issues are particularly prominent when I deal with children who’ve been adopted. Emotional trauma frequently combines with physical and/or neglect. My heart goes out to them, their parents

A novel way to drop education AND health care costs

Deciding how to deliver, and pay for, quality education and health care are two “yuge” (to borrow from a certain president-to-be) discussions in our society.  With costs for both rising, alternatives to each are popping up. There are solutions that

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RMTi or Brain Gym? Brain Gym or RMTi?

Here are some (very fluid) generalizations that might help you choose which class is for you. RMT: Based on 17 movements (plus others) in procedure formats — or done alone. Began just 13-ish years ago; introduced 10 years ago in

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Want creativity? We got that.

It’s not just for learning blocks, sensory processing, ADD/HD, ASD/Asperger’s, emotional control, social skills, stress management, right/left brain balance! Add CREATIVITY to the list! Andrea, the mother I’d wrtten about from the previous newsletter, decided she wanted some of this

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Do you know anybody with migraines?

Near-instant migraine relief — and prevention!  — without drugs. Click here for a marvelous report from a nurse who, despite max’ing out on medication, was having debilitating migraines 5-7 times a month.  Anybody who lives with migraines or around somebody

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