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Of all things! Cold, low-level harmonic lasers help enormously!

“Lasers?  REALLY?” At first, I really was disbelieving.  I just didn’t understand how training a cold, diffused laser at a nerve pathway would mature a reflex.  And I wasn’t crazy about the terminology:  It “donates energy” to the mitochondria.  How

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What do people with Irlen syndrome see, and why does it lead to problems?

This is fascinating: What some people with Irlen syndrome see when they look at print You can see what challenges people who have learning issues, especially dyslexia or dyscalcula, or ADD/HD

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An Irlen look at life – tinted glasses

One person, Alex Michaels, somehow re-created for us what his world looked like without, and with, his Irlen lenses: Imagine how hard it would be to walk around with everything so distorted! Notice how somehow, the lenses make the whites

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Irlen syndrome, migraines, and TBI

The Irlen International organization has conducted a very successful research study of Wounded Warriors with severe symptoms of TBI (traumatic brain injury), light sensitivity and often disabling migraines. The results have produced immediate benefits for the hundreds of veterans. Click

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While I’ve always been struck at how terribly EFFICIENT and POWERFUL reflex integration is, it seemed particularly apparent as I talk to senior groups about what happens to the aging process when reflexes are inappropriately re-activated. Just one reflex that becomes

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Is it me, or are more and more people struggling with sleep issues?

Getting to, staying there, or good quality sleep — when I mention sleep, conversations perks up as people share their struggles or those of family or friends. A myriad of cognitive, physical, mental, and functional problems can come from a

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Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities

Are you dealing (directly or indirectly) with Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities? It’s odd. Despite dealing with overexcitabilities that happen in some gifted children and adults, but I never wondered what about being gifted leads to these hypersensitivities. I was stunned when my

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Questions about RMT and Brain Gym classes

Why aren’t Brain Gym 101 or RMT classes taught in large groups? I would appreciate a lower per-person cost that having a 3 day class on RMT or Brain Gym for 30-50 people would bring! So why aren’t Brain Gym

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A happy update on a happy story

Do you remember a few newsletters ago, the story about Brett?  He’s the 12-year-old whose explosive temper and too frequent trips to the principal’s office brought him to my office.  His mom reported 3 weeks later that things were much

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We’re seeing more and more anxiety lately….

Whether it shows up as excessive shyness, fear and nervousness, controlling or defiant behavior, or as an explosive temper, anxiety is an increasingly problem. While movement helps enormously to reduce anxiety — sometimes the cause of the problem can be

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