RMT Courses

RMT Level 1

Primitive Reflexes:  Focus, Organization, Comprehension

What?  This two-day course focuses on how regulating muscle tone, stimulating connections between the cerebellum and neocortex, especially the frontal lobes, helps in improving attention and controls impulses.  Also examines the role of primitive reflex in development, and how to integrate them using rhythmic movements and isometric pressure.

Pre-requisites: none

RMT Level 2

Emotions, Memory and Behavior

What?  A one-day course focusing on Rhythmic Movement Training’s effects on emotions, how to work with movements to get in touch with our emotions and stabilize them when they threaten to take command – impulse and emotional control, motivation, planning.  Also addresses issues with autism, anxiety and stress and maturation.  Most who take this consider it absolutely necessary to a full understanding and work with Rhythmic Movement Training.

Pre-requisite: RMT Level 1

Rhythm, Movement and Play

A one-day course that teaches an overview of ideal neurological maturation, and movements to be done with groups, especially young children, that promote neurological development.

RMT for School Readiness

A two-day course, more in-depth than Rhythm, Movement and Play. It goes into more detail regarding recognizing if different reflexes are not yet integrated and the potential consequences of each, as well as group prevention and remediation.

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