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Do you know anybody with migraines?

Near-instant migraine relief — and prevention!  — without drugs. Click here for a marvelous report from a nurse who, despite max’ing out on medication, was having debilitating migraines 5-7 times a month.  Anybody who lives with migraines or around somebody

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Yet another Irlen miracle

The things Irlen lenses can do! Anyone who wants to save money on medication for their migraines, as well as reclaim that time and living in anticipation of the next one, should consider getting screened for Irlen and perhaps get

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What do people with Irlen syndrome see, and why does it lead to problems?

This is fascinating: What some people with Irlen syndrome see when they look at print You can see what challenges people who have learning issues, especially dyslexia or dyscalcula, or ADD/HD

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An Irlen look at life – tinted glasses

One person, Alex Michaels, somehow re-created for us what his world looked like without, and with, his Irlen lenses: Imagine how hard it would be to walk around with everything so distorted! Notice how somehow, the lenses make the whites

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Irlen syndrome, migraines, and TBI

The Irlen International organization has conducted a very successful research study of Wounded Warriors with severe symptoms of TBI (traumatic brain injury), light sensitivity and often disabling migraines. The results have produced immediate benefits for the hundreds of veterans. Click

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