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RMTi or Brain Gym? Brain Gym or RMTi?

Here are some (very fluid) generalizations that might help you choose which class is for you. RMT: Based on 17 movements (plus others) in procedure formats — or done alone. Began just 13-ish years ago; introduced 10 years ago in

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Questions about RMT and Brain Gym classes

Why aren’t Brain Gym 101 or RMT classes taught in large groups? I would appreciate a lower per-person cost that having a 3 day class on RMT or Brain Gym for 30-50 people would bring! So why aren’t Brain Gym

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Do you know how surprising and effective brain integration can be?

“How is that freaking possible???!!” Karen’s not only an experienced therapist, she’s also going to school for her psy-D (a doctorate in neuropsychology.)  She has years of experience with helping people to personal maturity and self-understanding, and been to lots

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