WHAT do they have to do with another? Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  He’s talking, of course, of what we automatically accept about ourselves, and pointing

Powerful and noninvasive help for the vagus nerve

Sympathetic Vs Parasympathetic nervous system is so 1993! In 1994, Stephen Porges proposed a new understanding about the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system, and the implications are still being sorted out. Implications for our physical health — digestive,

Symptom REVERSAL for those with Parkinson’s disease

For years when I was an active RN, our main treatment for people with Parkinson’s was to administer L-Dopa and help to manage the progressing symptoms of the disease.  Now there’s a lot of new research and helps for Parkinson’s

A New Way Forward

Unlocking the Brain’s Fullest Potential


“Our teenaged son suffered terribly from depression and anxiety, was cutting himself, abusing alcohol and started smoking.  He was institutionalized twice and was prescribed high doses of anti-depressants and anxiety medications.  He saw a psychologist and a psychiatrist.  All of these things either

What is happening with our young people? Is it the screens? Something else?

I’m seeing more young people — mostly male, but a female or two — coming to me with issues of going out into the world.  Fortunately, there’s ways to help them grow into that prefrontal cortex, where they’re confident to

Make God laugh!

When I listen to someone on the phone, asking for help, usually for their child, I try to guess what will best help him or her.   And then God laughs.  A good belly laugh at my folly, I think,

“Not ONE!”

(This isn’t Christian, but it looks as though he felt this way) Christian’s mom stopped me in the hallway.  “Not one!” she said, holding up a finger for emphasis.  “Not ONE phone call from the principal.  Not ONE phone call

Where are the square wheels in YOUR life?

Therapeutic neurodevelopment solves problems people assume can’t be solved.  In one swoop, many of the problems that vex us most get help: mental health, efficiency, productivity.  It lifts moods, calms and relaxes. Brings parents, teachers, therapists and more to a

More kids have more problems, and the old solutions aren’t working.

Searching for what does work, more adults are coming to Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training classes.  Whether it’s • anxiety and depression leading to suicidal thoughts (one Nebraska school district with almost 9700 students performed 309 suicide screenings last