An Irlen look at life – tinted glasses

One person, Alex Michaels, somehow re-created for us what his world looked like without, and with, his Irlen lenses: Imagine how hard it would be to walk around with everything so distorted! Notice how somehow, the lenses make the whites

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Irlen syndrome, migraines, and TBI

The Irlen International organization has conducted a very successful research study of Wounded Warriors with severe symptoms of TBI (traumatic brain injury), light sensitivity and often disabling migraines. The results have produced immediate benefits for the hundreds of veterans. Click

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While I’ve always been struck at how terribly EFFICIENT and POWERFUL reflex integration is, it seemed particularly apparent as I talk to senior groups about what happens to the aging process when reflexes are inappropriately re-activated. Just one reflex that becomes

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Early academics?

Even when children seem ready and able to learn early academics, sometimes it’s better to hold off.  After all, an infant could drink Koolaid from a bottle, but we don’t recommend that, either! Early childhood experts are now calling more

Is it me, or are more and more people struggling with sleep issues?

Getting to, staying there, or good quality sleep — when I mention sleep, conversations perks up as people share their struggles or those of family or friends. A myriad of cognitive, physical, mental, and functional problems can come from a

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There’s a lot of components to good handwriting!

Awhile ago, I wrote about the effects about typing vs printing or cursive on the brain. Last time, we learned about the Handwriting Without Tears program’s neurodevelopmental approach. Today, we’re going to look at the more visible reflexes needed to

Where’s the Very Beginning (with Handwriting)?

Can you imagine Julie Andrews’ bell-clear tones here? “Let’s start at the very beginning…. A very good place to start! When you read, you begin with A, B, C…..“ Apparently, when we write, we ought to begin with neurodevelopment, not

Cursive, printing, or typing?

Does it matter how our children communicate?  And, what about us? Jessica Brashear is a Momaha blogger and former high-school counselor who recently wrote about an unsettling discovery she’d made:  high-schoolers’ unfamiliarity with cursive writing. An especially astute Facebook commenter

What a gift

What if Michelangelo thought he was a so-so artist? What a tragedy would it be if he couldn’t accurately see his own gifts? The more I listened to the sub-text of what my visitor was telling me, the more I heard

Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities

Are you dealing (directly or indirectly) with Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities? It’s odd. Despite dealing with overexcitabilities that happen in some gifted children and adults, but I never wondered what about being gifted leads to these hypersensitivities. I was stunned when my

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