Deciding how to deliver, and pay for, quality education and health care are two “yuge” (to borrow from a certain president-to-be) discussions in our society.  With costs for both rising, alternatives to each are popping up.

There are solutions that will simultaneously reduce the cost of BOTH education and health care, although it will take initiative, persistence, and some investments in time.  And, as the members of one Facebook page reminded me, it’s not for everybody.

If we can simultaneously address the root of so many issues with mental health, aging, and learning differences — we don’t need to treat them as much, or  — for some — not at all.  Addressing some holes in the development of our nervous systems can reduce or eliminate need for medication for attention/focus, anxiety and more.  By helping our elderly with balance, memory and reduce their Parkinson’s symptoms, we improve their quality of life and reduce their health care costs.

Exercises are easy to teach and fun to do — one 13 year old said he didn’t see why everybody doesn’t do them, as they’re so relaxing.  And who doesn’t want to relax, for heaven’s sake???  Who doesn’t want their children to do better at school, have a more enjoyable social life, and live the fullest life they can have?

Now, if you’re happy with how you and your children are living life — this is not for you.  We’re ALL for accepting people where and how they are, and encouraging them in their walk.  BUT if you wish you or your child (or aging spouse or parent) didn’t have to deal with (fill in the blank here), then take a look at healthy, stress-reducing RMT and/or Brain Gym exercises.  Parents, spouses, teachers, therapists (occupational, physical, speech/language, mental health) have all been delighted at how easily they can help people around them to improve their resilience, grades, function, and enjoyment of life.  People are much happier with communicating, focusing, and performing at a higher level.

So — if you’d like to reduce your health care costs, raise grades with less study, and live a happier life — try signing up for a Brain Gym or Rhythmic Movement Training International class!