RuthRuth Murray’s background as a registered nurse, educator, and mother have laid the groundwork for her career in the study of the interaction between body and brain. As a nurse, she understands that the brain has a powerful effect on the body. As a mother and teacher, she explores, with great surprise and delight, the body’s larger effects on the brain.

Ms. Murray uses a wide array of highly effective methods to help people overcome blocks in their function, emotional lives, and learning capabilities. These include primitive and postural reflex integration, fostering neurodevelopment, Polyvagal Theory’s Safe and Sound Protocol, Irlen Syndrome screenings, and facilitating energy flow within the body to relieve emotional or physical pain. An instructor for Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training from 2011-2020, she is passionate about helping people who struggle with achieving anything in life.

Ruth is the creator of the Three Dimensions to Connection Pyramid, illustrating parallels between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the architecture of the brain, and the sequence of neurodevelopment. Because many intuitively understand Maslow’s Hierarchy, the comparisons make plain the necessity of a solid early development of the nervous system, particularly the autonomic system. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory fits nicely into this schema.

From seeing learning disabilities melt away, to developmental delays becoming un-blocked, and emotional problems resolved, Ms. Murray is continually amazed at the effectiveness of movement in addressing an astonishing array of life’s problems.

Ruth Murray shares this knowledge with others in classes targeted at specific issues. See Classes for more information.