Over and over, students who’ve taken my classes say “yes — everybody could benefit from this.”

Let me share my latest fun story, from a mother who attended my 5 hour introduction to basic Brain Gym.  “J” was concerned about her 20 y/o daughter who has always struggled with school.  When she’s lucky AND likes the subject, her daughter may score an 80% on tests, but that’s about the highest this young woman ever gets.  After class, “J” phoned her daughter in Utah and talked her through four very basic Brain Gym exercises, and told her to do those again in an hour, just before she took her College final exam in Geography-(which daughter really likes).  What did she get?  A 90%!!

Her mom, being the wise one she is, told her daughter to share this with others she’s in contact with:  not only will they be helped, but her daughter will then also remember to continue with the exercises.  But her daughter’s now in weekly Brain Gym sessions in Utah until she heads out for her year and a half mission for the Mormon Church — who knows how much good she’ll be getting, if ten minutes of simple exercises helped that much?

What kind of grades could YOU see with Brain Gym or RMT?