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When profound art hints at inner growth

One of the more fascinating perks of my job is when an unexpected jewel is born.  Rebekah brought forth such a jewel recently.

I’d been seeing her monthly (they live 2+ hours away) since April, when her mom read about this work in Momaha.  That they were diligently doing their RMT and Brain Gym exercises, and the exercises were the right ones, was obvious in her progress.  On our first visit, Rebekah was cheerful, cooperative, but rather frantic in her movements and intense in her focus.   Not only toe-walking, but leaning forward into her environment, her attention span was quite short and apparently fiercely focused just within 2 feet of her face.  All else didn’t seem to register.

Each visit brought delightful new changes: less toe walking, and then not leaning into her environment, and then NOT toe walking OR leaning.  Her demeanor became calmer; she remains quite cheerful and cooperative, especially with her mom.  Particularly notable is her focus: now she can look across a room and anticipate what’s coming towards her.  She even looked UP the stairs at me coming down at her, and greeted me!  She talks so much more, with a calmer tone and much more expressive and aware now!
Mom reports that the doctors see a lessened need for medication, and they are making fewer treks into Omaha to see them.

This is all well and good.  But THIS visit brought a new gift!  We started QRI low-level light laser therapy with her, and Rebekah began to draw.  First she drew a heart:  Mom declared it to be the BEST heart she’d ever drawn!  Then she drew the black figure to the left, but she had only one arm.  Mom’s hair is quite curly and full, so we though it might be her.  When I laser’ed in the ATNR (Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex), Rebekah went back and drew in a second arm.  Wow!  The ATNR is the primary way our bodies know we have TWO sides, and — was Rebekah telling us she now has two sides to her body?  On and on she drew.  Next was a pink column to the right, with the green on top.  When pink and green protruding lines sprouted, my entire being froze in awe and delight.  REBEKAH WAS DRAWING A REPRESENTATION OF HERSELF, with neurons growing out from all around her!  I asked whether those lines had more lines — and instead of agreeing, she drew lines on the front and began more lines. I kept lasering her primitive and postural reflexes.  The face on the top right, complete with neurons coming from the head, appeared.   (Clouds and lines were much earlier).  Then she wrote her name in black beneath the figure.  I don’t know whether this is an artist signing her entire picture, or whether this is her labeling the figure.  Is it “Rebekah hearts neuronal growth” or “Mom hearts Rebekah”?   Whichever, who would have thought that such a profound insight — such a statment of inner flowerings — is possible from anyone?

I wrote Rebekah’s mom for permission to share their story.  After agreeing, she wrote: “I wish I could take a class with you every weekend 🙂  I was so perky when I got home that evening!  My husband wondered what was going on with me. I wanted to say again how very much I enjoyed your class.  Thank you!”

So, alas, I’ll be seeing a lot less of that pair, now that mom took RMT; she’s set to do much of what I would do with them — for a whole lot cheaper than driving in monthly for a session.

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Let me back up a bit.


Sage was 23 when his (adoptive) mother first brought him to see me.  Dressed in long pants, long sleeves, and a hoodie, even in summertime heat, Sage rarely spoke, but when he did, it was in a quiet monotone, and with as few syllables as possible.  Her goal for him was to be able to express his preferences.  When asked about his goals, most often he would shrug.  If he were feeling expressive that day, he’d add “don’t know.”  For eighteen months, God bless her, Andrea kept bringing him in, despite having only small increments of progress.  I predicted that once all these increments added up, he would be capable of a much larger jump.

And last month, it happened.

I have been using a variety of techniques with Sage, but mostly small amounts of a low level, “cold” harmonic laser.  I’d use the recommended techniques and I’d try some of my own, and it all helped, little bits at a time.  His mom would report that maybe he was a little more verbal, or spent more time out of his room or unloaded the dishwasher without being asked.  If I did more than his muscle-checking called for, less progress or backsliding would result. Finally, last month, we could add a few more of my techniques, including Brain Gym’s PACE exercises.  I instructed Mom on doing PACE at home if he wanted — which he did — once.

Within a few days my inbox started to fill up with his mother’s burbling happiness.  It started during their trip to Denver.  She began:

“Can’t wait to share the changes I’ve observed so far on our weekend trip.  He was a delight at the airports and on the plane.  Reading every bit of literature and signs on the plane like he was filling up on the whole experience. At the bustling Denver airport, instead of being overwhelmed at all the people, the massive airport, and the underground train, Sage was actually smiling!”

“I am stunned by how much more expressive he is….”   “In eating lunch with my friends he didn’t know and hanging out with relatives, Sage actively listens to the conversations.  Instead of retreating or digging out a video game, Sage contributed to discussions and, of course, introduced his favorite topics of family trees, Pokemon and odd natural science facts.  The entire time we drove, Sage was watching and commenting on everything through his car window instead of his usual attention to the video games during driving.”

More emails came:  “He smiles a LOT more….he is so much more conversational, to the point he FOLLOWS ME AROUND THE HOUSE TALKING ABOUT DIFFERENT THINGS!”  He tells “Sage jokes” where he makes a funny comment about something and laughs.”

This boggles my mind:  This young man whom we waited so attentively for monosyllables, trailing his mom around the house to …. chat???  Laughing at his own jokes?  How wonderful!

But wait, there’s more!

Later on, Andrea wrote:  “Sage is so much more engaged.  While at the Old Market, he was find looking around instead of being impatient to get back to the car.  What’s more, he usually hands me any important paper he is given, almost as fast as if it is a hot potato; he wants no responsibility for it.  I asked him to hold onto his folder of papers before a Voc Rehab meeting.  He never handed the folder back, which I found curious.  He kept the folder during the meeting.  I asked him for the papers I needed as requested.  Then Sage saw his birth certificate in the folder and studied it closely — he’d had no interest in it before.  He kept the folder and stowed it in the door pocket on the way home, at home, he returned it to me.  Something so insignificant was a big deal to me.”

Indeed it was!  It’s almost as though Sage is starting to cross Brain Gym’s “Midline of Participation” into life, instead of holding back outside of the world.  While he certainly has quite a ways to go, it’s heartening seeing him participating in and enjoying his life.

It’s also why I so enjoy sessions:  I get to interweave all the tools I have for optimum effect.

Do YOU have someone who would benefit?  Give me a call (402- 339-0992) or shoot me an email (

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