Each class is aimed at one particular area of function and will briefly cover ideal development and coping mechanisms when it doesn’t develop.  The main part of class is spent learning those games, activities and exercises that should develop the nervous system.  Once the connections are made and strengthened, the exercises won’t be needed, although you can repeat them throughout your life should you feel the need.


You Can Do It!  This is an excellent overview of the development of the sub-and unconscious nervous system, and the most-widely used, universally helpful exercises and games.  Includes discussion of AD/HD and its types, and basic exercises for it.  For some, conscientiously practicing these exercises may be all that’s needed to function on a level that pleases you.  For others, more in-depth work in a targeted class will be needed.


No pre-requisites.

8 hour class, $150.



Ants in the Pants:  An AD/HD class.  Helpful for restlessness, hyperactivity, fidgety-ness, those who had/have problems bedwetting; those who object to tags in clothes, seams in socks, or anything around their waist.  Always in motion, this person might have difficulty with bedwetting after age 5.  Sleep quality is poor, with the sheets frequently looking as though a wrestling match has been conducted during the night.  Tags in clothes, seams in socks, and belts are vigorously resisted or absolutely rejected.  Therapy to deal with this one is particularly enjoyable, as well as dramatically helpful. Interestingly enough, these same exercises can also be helpful for women dealing with post-menopausal urinary incontinence.


Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Three-hour class, $70



Head in the Clouds:  The origin of this level of distraction is at the very bottom of the pyramid, where the connections between body and brain are established.  People may feel as though they can’t wake up all the way, or have a hard time focusing on anything, beyond something very basic with lots of immediate feedback: video games, for instance.  They may appear spacey, daydream, or seem as though they don’t have emotions (“flat affect”).  Productivity is definitely a problem, and clumsiness and poor social skills are hallmarks of this un-matured area.


Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Four-hour class, $80




Lost and Bewildered Class:  this person might not have crawled, or crawled very much, as a child.  It’s typical to have painfully slow, chaotic, chicken-scratch-looking handwriting, and is typically trying to find order and organization – or doing their best to live without it.  Posture, handwriting, keeping self and life organized is difficult, as are academics.  It’s difficult for this person to carry out more than three steps of anything without checking lists.


Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Four-hour class, $80




Anxiety, Level 1:  Also an AD/HD class.  Largely starting in the bottom two levels, each one interfering with the mastery of the next.  When we’re unsure, for instance, of our ability to stay alive, that will distract from learning to be social or memorizing arithmetic tables.   Most of us have these levels imperfectly mastered, but are able to deal with it.  People who would benefit from this class may have coping mechanisms that they’re comfortable with, but those around them are not: emotional regulation, controlling behavior, sensory processing difficulties, feelings of tension and unhappiness, social disruption (difficulty making/keeping friends, shyness, bullied and bullies, etc.), and attention/focus issues.


Pre-requisite class: You Can Do It!

Eight hour class, in four two-hour increments:  $175.


NOTE: this will not help conscious anxiety, where one has a reason to be anxious, as in living in an unsafe neighborhood, or an unstable household, or dealing with driving in the snow.  Frequently, this person won’t know what started the anxiety, and learning a skill or changing the circumstance won’t relieve the unsettled, worried feeling.



A Stitch in Time Class — Stress management.   Optimal living.  Aging prevention. Whatever we want to call it, adding exercises here and there can transform lives, helping us to be happier and more resilient.  The more sedentary we get, the more we’ll need exercises like these to keep the foundation of our nervous system in optimum function and health.  Play is so important, even for adults!


Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Six Hour class:  $100.