Near-instant migraine relief — and prevention!  — without drugs.

Click here for a marvelous report from a nurse who, despite max’ing out on medication, was having debilitating migraines 5-7 times a month.  Anybody who lives with migraines or around somebody with migraines knows how life-limiting these episodes can be. Danielle eliminated the triggers she could, worked on reducing stress via yoga, acupuncture, etc.  Despite taking two medications daily plus herbal remedies, she was still limited to working one day at a time.  Finally, at the point of an ER visit, she decided to see my mentor, Shoshana Shamberg, in Baltimore.  She said “I was amazed my brain could feel so relaxed and calm no matter how bright the lights were.”

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks since she’s gotten her Irlen lenses.  She’s had NO migraines, AND worked four days in a row – certainly not possible before!

Irlen lenses seem to have prevented her severe migraines.  Is it a panacea for ALL migraine sufferers?  Apparently not, but what a marvelous option to check out!

I’m an Irlen screener, which means I can evaluate and give you overlays which will help tremendously and in some cases, that’s all you need.  I have one darling kid waiting for me to get more people who want lenses — then Shoshana, the diagnostician who will fit you with the proper lenses, will fly in to do so.

Are migraines something that limit you?  Light sensitivity something you deal with?  How about reading issues?  Give me a call and we’ll chat about whether it’s worth looking into.  In the meantime, read more about it at FREE online screening forms at