Do you know how surprising and effective brain integration can be?

“How is that freaking possible???!!”

Karen’s not only an experienced therapist, she’s also going to school for her psy-D (a doctorate in neuropsychology.)  She has years of experience with helping people to personal maturity and self-understanding, and been to lots of classes, participated in workshops. Rhythmic Movement Training class last month in St. Louis was just another of these classes.

Like many of us, she’d wanted to be able to get ready for work in the morning in a calmer, not-frazzled way.  In RMT class, she set herself that goal and role-played doing it, to show us (and herself) what it was like.  After some simple and pleasant exercises (some say that they can feel like a massage), she repeated the role-play.  This time, she still got as much done, but now did so with ease and without a trace of the frazzled stress that she’d had before. The results left her so stunned that she stopped midway and — demanded of no one in particular other than herself — How is that freaking possible?”  Nothing in her years of education or experience prepared her for such an incredibly deep and natural change in function — especially with simple movement.

Karen’s well-versed in what’s possible in helping others to achieve personal growth — and what stunned her was that in all her learning, she’d never come across anything like these options.  Perhaps part of what excited her so much is that she knows those who struggle can get the biggest gains.  She’s a put-together lady:  how much help can her clients get?

What can be easier for YOU and the people YOU help?