Emotional control and stress management

Whether we call it road rage, meltdowns, falling apart, or another term, being able to have your body choose the appropriate state and emotion is a big thing! Telling someone to calm down is like trying to dry off in a hurricane: it’s totally useless! They’d calm, they’d find the appropriate management strategy if they could find it!

When being stressed out becomes a problem, it’s generally because we can’t see a way to deal with the situation at hand. If we can’t see the details because we’re overwhelmed with the big picture or the other way around, we’re not effective. Perhaps we’re dealing from a state of panic rather than common sense, or so busy dealing with our body that we can’t MAKE a decision, or that movement is in and of itself too much to deal with – the answer comes down to smoothing out the potholes in the unconscious nervous system. It’s holistic, drug-free, and EFFECTIVE in strengthening our abilities to deal with anything coming our way in life.