While I’ve always been struck at how terribly EFFICIENT and POWERFUL reflex integration is, it seemed particularly apparent as I talk to senior groups about what happens to the aging process when reflexes are inappropriately re-activated.

Just one reflex that becomes inappropriately active can start a cascade

of coping mechanisms, hastening the aging process and requiring alterations in lifestyle and environments.  Doing specialized exercises to keep reflexes integrated can reduce considerable fuss, medication, and accelerated aging.  And so MANY primitive and postural reflexes DO get activated!  Even muscle tone and posture being improved can affect so many systems and aspects of our lives!  I’d love to see what happens if movement programs are really practiced as we age — how we could stop that cascade down the care continuum.  Mental health in geriatrics frequently gets overlooked, but I was delighted to hear more than one person talk about self-actualization for people in their senior years.