Healing from early childhood trauma

Attachment and Bonding — not JUST for adoptive children
Difficulties with attachment/bonding issues are particularly prominent when I deal with children who’ve been adopted. Emotional trauma frequently combines with physical and/or neglect. My heart goes out to them, their parents and siblings.
I’m starting to see a number of new clients with adoptive-related issues. Here’s what one set of parents said about their children, who had been coming to about 3 months when Tom (dad) wrote:
Since Robert and Victoria have begun their motion training, we have seen great improvement in their awareness of their surroundings.
They are more confident in their abilities in schoolwork and an increase in being able to socialize better with their peers.
Both Robert and Victoria have become more grounded in life, to do chores around the house as part of growing up to prepare themselves for life.

From their mom, Kris:
I would like to encourage anyone who is seeking to find hope and healing for his or her children to consider going to Ruth Murray at Movement Solutions for assistance.  She has a wealth of experience and a toolbox full of techniques.  My two youngest children are adopted and have had challenges in their early years, and have been struggling with attachment issues as a result.
I have noticed significant improvements in both of my children, especially in Robert who has more noticeable sensory issues and who therapists have shared concerns about his propriocentric and vestibular senses.  However, despite having gone to many different types of specialists, there have not been any effective processes for helping to overcome his difficulties.
Ruth’s therapies have been helping to integrate reflexes and dispel the effects of trauma.  She has helped to accept and love them as they are, while also removing the obstacles and not just teaching strategies to cope with their issues.  She is helping them to heal and move through challenges.  By celebrating each success and respecting their growth and limits, she is gently moving them to be prepared for the future and grounding them (literally with an earthing mat)
 in the world.