It’s not just children who struggle with attention, focus, learning, mental health, anxiety, etc.  Addressing early neurodevelopmental issues allows us to function fully as a person and can even help with other struggles, like plateaus in counseling or struggles in relationships.



A surprisingly overlooked group whose lives are enormously helped are seniors who want to stay as healthy as possible.  Doing crosswords is widely known to help maintain good mentation, but so much of mentation is dependent on the body’s functions!  We know that frequently performed, varied movement and stimulation maintains our optimum function, but look at many seniors’ lives!  Seniors are increasingly sedentary, increasingly indoors, and with less head movement, eye movement, and challenges to their balance!  Many of our earliest reflexes are the cause of changes in balance, “short arm syndrome”, difficulties in turning the head and maintaining balance, energy, absent-mindedness, need for Depends especially in women, anxiety and depression, and more.  People with Parkinson’s Disease respond especially well to this: