For whatever reason, sometimes different parts of our brain don’t get the stimulation needed to fully mature and link up well to OTHER parts of our mind.  The links are just not strong enough or get broken because of some sort of stress.  Also, parts of our nervous system that should be automated and blinking, breathing, and heart rate don’t mature.  When automatic “I’m safe/I’m in danger” decisions appropriate to a newborn baby don’t mature, the body keeps having to process that information at a more resource-consuming level than it ought.  For instance, what if you had to remind your body to blink at the proper speed – not too fast, not too slow?  That would take up brain resources from learning emotional regulation, social skills, and arithmetic!



We’re now able to figure out what part of the brain or nervous system needs help.  Exercises or other stimulation may be recommended to best support the system to mature.


Our preference is for holistic, affordable home-based interventions you mainly do at home.


A note about medications:  Sometimes, we need medication to get us through the day, and this is fully supported.   The near-immediate symptom relief is lovely, but the drawbacks to medication mean that frequently a better option is to grow the body’s natural ability to function at its best.  This means you don’t have to keep repeatedly paying for proper function, don’t have to worry about (and medicate) the inevitable side effects, and don’t have to deal with behavior outside of dosage times.  


With nervous system maturation, the person can function as s/he was meant to, like everybody else.  S/He doesn’t need to feel as though they’re in any way “less than” or “different from” others.