Learning Issues: Dyslexia, reading comprehension

Learning is very high on the nervous system’s pyramid, (hypertexting to pyramid page) depending strongly on being able to totally focus on the material, organize and then store it in your brain. Do your eyes team together correctly? The vast majority of vision checks DO NOT check for this. Can your brain process what your ears hear?  How is your ability to automate processing abstract information? Astonishingly, learning starting in the womb, to your first finding food and swallowing can play big parts in being able to learn easily. If you tend to not catch balls easily, or sit slumped over a bit, or walk on your toes, can be a part of having difficulty with spelling. off your Big Wheels, potentially play a role. We need to find out what’s in the way of easy and successful learning, stimulate that part of the nervous system, and help you on your way! Say goodbye to classroom strategies.