When I listen to someone on the phone, asking for help, usually for their child, I try to guess what will best help him or her.  

And then God laughs.  A good belly laugh at my folly, I think, because whether the it’s anxiety, or attention and focus issues, or difficulty reading or test-taking — the potential causes are numerous.

Most of my programs will help most of the people, but I’m learning the trick to really figure it all out is to keep an open, neutral mind when I see the person.  Maybe their eyes aren’t working as a team well, or the optic nerve doesn’t process one or more colors well, or a trauma distracts their brain from smooth information processing.

That’s why I so enjoy teaching:  three days of class gives YOU a broad range of tools.  And I love when Mom too sees benefits to doing these exercises herself: her life gets easier in the bargain!  So — if YOU’D like to improve your ability to relax, read quickly, balance your checkbook, or be more productive — either take a class or get in for a session or two.  Child or no, life will only get better and better!