My brain says so silly, but (these exercises are) surprisingly effective!” — Sean, 22

Oh my heavens, what a story!

Sean came for a session this week.  He’s 22 and would like to sketch more (and presumably, do video games perhaps a little less).  

Sean chose, as a pre-exercise demonstration, to do the following self-portrait:   


He noted that while I undoubtedly saw a stick figure, this was a representation of the body he would have drawn, had he had time.  He did note he’d made the arms (with elbows!) longer than he intended.


After 15-20 minutes of brain development exercises, LOOK AT SEAN’S SELF PORTRAIT NOW!

I’m stunned and in awe of the changes —it didn’t take him any longer than the first sketch! Just LOOKING at this guy makes me happy — greeting the world with a “hi”! (Now he can SEE there’s a world to interact with!) Wide-open eyes, a smile, sooo much more. 


The COOL part of all of this is — the growth that Sean got by doing these exercises will, in the coming days and weeks (it can take up to 6 weeks for a balance to fully mature) help him to do OTHER things better in some way.  Whether he finds himself happier, as he was immediately after the balance, or more effective, or with more initiative or involvement or success, his life is now different.