“Our teenaged son suffered terribly from depression and anxiety, was cutting himself, abusing alcohol and started smoking.  He was institutionalized twice and was prescribed high doses of anti-depressants and anxiety medications.  He saw a psychologist and a psychiatrist.  All of these things either heightened his depression or did little to help our son.  Then I met Ruth.  She taught our son various movement therapies and in a relatively short period of time, he was completely off his medications, began taking college classes, changed jobs, and is now planning a trip with siblings! Before Ruth’s help, NONE of these things would have been possible! In his very first session, Ruth taught our son to do PACE exercises and immediately he said the tightness in his chest from his anxiety had noticeably lessened! Seeing how she helped my son, I, too, began seeing Ruth! After doing the exercises she asked me to do, I noticed that I hadn’t been to the chiropractor in over 5 months and I used to go twice a month! Ruth also helped me with anxiety and other issues.  Thank you so much Ruth for helping us!”