Sympathetic Vs Parasympathetic nervous system is so 1993!

In 1994, Stephen Porges proposed a new understanding about the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system, and the implications are still being sorted out.

Implications for our physical health — digestive, lungs, heart, inflammation, and more.

Implications for mental health — depression, healthy engagement with others, fear, and more.

Until we had ways to easily and strongly affect the nervous system (other than breathing, etc) I was interested but on the bench.  Recently, however, I found a very effective way to quickly and powerfully affect the vagus nerves, and the lives of my clients has immeasurably improved. I’m intrigued at the interplay for mental and physical health when the reflexes are considered along with the vagus nerve, and am assembling a class on how to balance the vagus nerve, spinal sympathetic accessory nerve, interweaving fear paralysis and Moro Reflex integration into the game.  When the class is done, much of it will probably be online in webinar form, with class time learning the lab portion.