Why aren’t Brain Gym 101 or RMT classes taught in large groups?

I would appreciate a lower per-person cost that having a 3 day class on RMT or Brain Gym for 30-50 people would bring! So why aren’t Brain Gym or RMT classes taught in large groups?

Thanks for asking; we get these questions a lot.  While I wish we could super-size classes, and sell them at Costco prices rather than at regular-seminar prices, it’s not possible.

However, the startling, unconventional results that Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training elicit depends on it being taught well — in small groups.  Like opera-singing lessons or bicycle-riding,  this can’t be learned well if someone tries to teach it in a large group.

That being said, two occupational therapists’ commented about my last RMT class  “well worth the time and money!”  SW, Wichita, KS Another said, ”  Many thanks to you for the impact you have made on my practice….” and “This course created a paradigm shift in my thinking and in critical observations with children I see!” and  — both J.O., Kansas City, MO

Frustrating, I know, but as with so many things, you get what you pay for, and I don’t want anybody getting a fraction of RMT or Brain Gym and think that it doesn’t work well.