Pablo is a PE teacher in Guatemala, and had saved up four years’ worth of continuing education money to attend the Brain Gym® conference in Colorado, where we met last month.  He wasn’t sure just what Brain Gym was about — somersaults or something, perhaps? —  but it sounded good.  When he got to the conference, he was excited to find out how much doing this sort of movement did for mood, clarity of thinking, learning disabilities, and more.

But I was frustrated for him:  as a beginner at Brain Gym, he would have learned more at a Brain Gym 101 class.  So, I was determined that he return to Guatemala with as much as I could supplement:  Rhythmic Movement Training exercises!  After I demonstrated a few on him, I let him rest and process the emotional experience I suspected these few simple movements had elicited.   I explained that this could have been a real emotional burden for him, and one that could cast a definite drag in the background of his life.

“Ruth!” he exclaimed.  “It was!  It was a huge burden I’ve been carrying!”  He went on to describe a heart-rending situation which had resulted in enormous anger and resentment, that he’d worked at getting over for three years.  He prayed, he did everything — and while he understood the reasons for his emotions, he still carried the burden of all that pain.  “And now!  It’s just….gone!  It’s all gone!  You have to tell people what this does!”  I agreed that when we’ve done this work, we’re not as burdened with emotional baggage.  We’re then better able to go out and love more easily and fully — his bright eyes his eyes just glowed.  He had one more question for me:

“When are you coming to Guatemala to teach us?”