Do you just want help with one person who has a number of areas that need to be addressed?
Sessions are ideal for people who have more than one area that needs to be addressed, or who needs exercises tailored to their specific needs. While each session is completely different, , we usually explore what is going on, and start preliminary exercises to test and build sensory linkages. That reveals a lot more about strengths and areas to be addressed, and then learn which of the many techniques will be most effective in bringing desired growth.


You Can Do It!  An overview class of the theory of the development of the sub-and unconscious nervous system, and most-widely used, universally helpful exercises and games.  Includes discussion of AD/HD and its types, basic exercises.  

For some, conscientiously practicing these exercises may be all that’s needed to get function to a level you’re happy with.  For others, more in-depth work in a targeted class will be needed.  

No pre-requisites.

8 hour class, $150.

An Ounce of Prevention Class – Proactive stress management. Optimal living. By whatever we want to call it, adding exercises here and there can transform lives, helping us to be happier and more resilient. The more sedentary we get, the more we’ll need exercises like these to keep the foundation of our nervous system in optimum function and health. Play is so important, even for adults.

Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Six Hour class:  $100. 

Head in the Clouds: For individuals suffering from chronic distraction and difficulty being present.  Exercises and activities aimed at strengthening the body’s connection with the Brain.

  • Tell-Tale Behaviors:
    Hard time focusing
  • Gravitates to video games or other activities providing immediate feedback
  • Appear spacey, day-dreamy, or always sleepy
  • Having an emotionless or “flat affect”
  • Productivity issues at school, home or work
  • Clumsiness
  • Poor social and movement skills

Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Four-hour class, $80 

Lost and Bewildered Class: this person might not have crawled, or crawled very much, as a child.  

Tell-Tale Behaviors:

  • Disorganized; keeping self and life organized is difficult
  • Chicken-scratch writing; slow and chaotic writing
  • Poor posture, hard keeping track of things
  • Difficulty with complex tasks; needs (and may lose) check lists

Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Four-hour class, $80

NOTE: this will not help conscious anxiety, where one has a reason to be anxious, as in driving in an ice storm. Frequently this person won’t know what started the anxiety and learning a skill or changing the circumstance won’t relieve the unsettled, worried feeling.

Anxiety, Level 1:  Also an AD/HD class. 
When our bodies have not yet learned to automatically recognize the difference between safety and danger, we’re continually distracted, looking for additional danger/safety cues.  This can lead to a feeling of general unease. 

Tell-tale Behaviors:

  • emotional regulation
  • attention and focus issues
  • controlling behavior
  • sensory processing difficulties (hypersensitive OR hyposensitive)
  • feelings of tension and unhappiness
  • social disruption (difficulty making/keeping friends, shyness, bullied and bullies, etc)
  • attention and focus issues


Pre-requisite class: You Can Do It!

Eight hour class, in four two-hour increments:  $175.

Ants in the Pants:  An AD/HD class particularly helpful for the fidgety, always-in-motion person.

Tell-tale behaviors: 

  • Restless,
  • hyperactivity,
  • fidgety-ness
  • bedwetting after age 5
  • tactile sensitivity: tags in clothes, seams in socks, anything around waistline

Therapy to deal with these issues is particularly enjoyable as well as dramatically helpful. Oddly enough, these same exercises can also be helpful for SOME women dealing with post-menopausal urinary incontinence 

Pre-requisite: You Can Do It!

Three-hour class, $70