The classes I teach are introductory and cover just about everything you could ask for, and work well as stand alone programs. However, they’re at an introductory level. I’ve learned advanced techniques from higher-level classes as well as other strategies, programs and disciplines.

Options include:

  • Irlen Screening                                     •    Thought Field Therapy
  • Bal-A-Vis-X                                           •    Mindfulness Meditation
  • QRI Cold Laser therapy                          •    Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Masgutova therapy                                •    Earthing Techniques
  • Tellington T-Touch                                 •    Risk factor mitigation
  • Emotion Code                                        •    Nutrition
  • Body Code                                            •    Lifestyle changes
  • Healing Code

Private sessions can be comprehensive, or focused on particular areas of growth.  We can work as comprehensively as you like — i.e., complete reflex evaluation — or as targeted as you like.

Mental health:  I deal symptoms and goals more than diagnoses,  i.e.,

  • “I am comfortable in my own skin”
  • “I like myself”
  • “I handle situations with ________ well.”
  • “I remain calm/content/cheerful even when __________.”
  • “I understand how to make and keep friends.”

Learning: Blocks in reading, retention, memory, understanding, finding enjoyment in all subjects, spelling, math, study skills, learning from lectures/auditory processing,

Focus and Attention:  ‘Nuf said!

Sensory processing:  Affects learning, attention, anxiety, social skills, movement, sports, P.E./dancing/running, etc.

Daily Life Function: organizing household, setting goals, remembering homework assignments, hitting the ball better, etc.

And soooo much more!  If you’ve been working on a goal for quite awhile, it’s possible that there’s a block of some kind in your body.  Working with me could enable you to finally meet your goal.

Initial Sessions

Initial sessions usually last at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours for assessment, balance, and movement program instruction. For those who are unable to manage that long, we’ll break that up as needed into different appointments. A questionnaire filled out ahead of time helps to make most efficient use of our time together. After an assessment of where you (or your child) are now as well as what your goals are, we’ll help your body to learn a new balance, and give you movements to practice at home. A written program tailored to your needs will be sent (or emailed) home with you to practice.

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions include a re-evaluation of your progress, we’ll practice new movement patterns that will help integrate more abilities, and provide more balance going forward. Your movement plan will be updated and sent home. We’ll see you anywhere from weekly to every two months.


We frequently find that taking classes also helps to minimize the total cost, as you learn valuable life-long skills to apply to your current and future situations. Like teaching a man to fish vs. feeding him a fish, the classes are also highly empowering.

Email or call Ruth at (402) 339-0992 for more information.