There’s a lot of components to good handwriting!

What if Michelangelo thought he was a so-so artist? What a tragedy would it be if he couldn’t accurately see his own gifts?

The more I listened to the sub-text of what my visitor was telling me, the more I heard a mom who honestly doesn’t see herself. She truly appreciates the beauty, gifts, and joy of her children, but she doesn’t see herself. She is, however, aware enough that tears come to her eyes when she considers her own stress. Being right-brained, she’s aware of other people and their needs – but can’t see her own.

She’s drop-dead stunning – slender, with a face that Estee Lauder would yearn to put on advertising. This is eclipsed however, by the beauty of her spirit. She also has more in-depth expertise in a complex field that beats anybody I know — truly an extraordinary woman.

And yet – she repeatedly apologized for her 18-month-old acting like – gasp! – an 18-month-old.  Darling kid kept wanting to turn on the water, and pour it places, etc.  Imagine that!  If there’s anything I love, it’s a kid acting his age!

Brain Gym® to the rescue!

I remember being in almost the same shoes at about the same age (without the drop-dead part of the beauty, plus one child. And more pounds than I care to think about). I was shocked at how much more productively my household ran when I did 20 minutes of exercises from Brain Gym daily.

We need both sides of our brain:  our left brain gives us feedback about our own body, preferences, and lives. Our right brain informs us about others, how they’re doing and reacting and their needs. And, we need strong communication between both, to balance and juggle our needs and others’.

At the time, I too thought there was no time for anything MORE in my life! I was behind in this, behind in that, the kids needed so much, and there was also dinner and laundry to think of! When was I going to get to all the prayer life, social life, and everything else I saw everybody else doing?

Doing 20 minutes of Brain Gym every day gave me that time. It stimulated my less-than-optimally-functioning left brain and found me tons of time, boosted my efficiency, and helped my kids to boot!

Today’s visitor left with a thorough Brain Gym plan for herself in addition to exercises for the kids. Just as it would be a shame if Michelangelo didn’t appreciate the beauty he was able to produce, this lady should see herself and her wonderful, age-appropriate child’s behavior for what it is.

Others might choose to change something about themselves if they could see themselves as others see them. Sometimes it’s that they are so aware of themselves that it’s hard to see, nurture, and interact with others as they should.

Whether it’s your left or right brain that’s not stimulated, or the corpus callosum that helps one hemisphere talk to the other – if you’re a busy mom struggling to get things done – Brain Gym exercises can transform your life. Hie thee to your local Brain Gym practitioner! And if you’re in Nebraska or western Iowa, that’s – ahem — me.  Give me a call!

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