About 5 years ago, Katy’s mom brought her to see me.  Nineteen years old, tall, with long honey-blonde hair and stunningly beautiful, Katy was STUCK. Stuck in depression, anchored by anxiety, and seemingly unable to make decisions or do much more than sit on her bed looking at social media. She was on three different medications, but couldn’t bring herself to finish her homework to graduate high school, get a job, or anything else.  Her psychiatrist was also at a loss. One month, the doctor gave her the goal of deciding which poster should go on which wall of her bedroom. She didn’t have to actually pin it up, just decide. Katy couldn’t manage even this tiny task.

We tried many approaches over the years; my first, second and third thoughts were that developmental movement was her answer. As time went on, we seemed to get further with the subtle energy fields of the body, and exploring unconscious presumptions.  They’re subtle in that our technology has difficulty detecting and measuring them, but as Katy demonstrated, can be strong enough that they can absolutely rule our lives.

We worked, on and off, for more than four years. She’d come weekly for awhile, then take months-long breaks to let the changes settle in. Then, when she got impatient with where she was functioning, we’d start in again.

I’m happy to report that she has now permanently graduated from my practice. Radiant, joyful, a leader amongst her friends, she is  now making up for lost time. She has THREE jobs, met a handsome young man whose religious devotion equals hers, and their beautiful wedding was last weekend.

Oh!  Did I mention?  She’s off all three medications!
I asked where they’d have the wedding.  He was living on the west coast; his family, on the east coast.  Katy hesitated and said she wanted me at the wedding.  “Without your working with me,” she said, “this wouldn’t be happening.”