Whether it shows up as excessive shyness, fear and nervousness, controlling or defiant behavior, or as an explosive temper, anxiety is an increasingly problem.

While movement helps enormously to reduce anxiety — sometimes the cause of the problem can be in the GI tract!  The gut is second only to the brain as far as number of nerve cells — and those gut neurons and the brain neurons have an awful lot to say to one another.

But a key to anxiety and the gastro-intestinal tract turns out to be: microbes!  That’s right, we have to have the right kind of bacteria or our gut-brain communication goes haywire, and affects how see perceive life.  So, for anyone with anxiety — try pro-biotics as well as Brain Gym, RMT or other movement therapy!

We’ve known for quite awhile about the brain and the intestinal tract. The connection with gut bacteria is somewhat newer, but there’s a nice piece that sums it up at