When you can startle physicians, you know you’ve got a WOW!


Here’s a class picture of my last RMT class — TWO physicians, a myofacial therapist, an occupational therapy doctoral student … and one Boy Scout leader who wanted tools to use when he encounters boys who need help.

The physicians aren’t just doctors, they’re super-achiever doctors.  They’re sisters, Nahla (plaid shirt)) and Musheera (smiling lady with glasses) are.  Nahla has not only an MD (she’s a neonatologist!) but also a slew of other degrees, in hospital administration and I forget what else. She was traveling from Egypt to visit family here, and — typical for them — they thought they’d catch a class or two while she was here.  Musheera’s just as over-achieving as her sister: she’s got an MD (child psychiatry) and a PhD (she’s a professor of Child Development in South Dakota) and they’ve been everywhere and done everything.  It blew my mind — not only doing all this in a second language, but with a different alphabet and writing from left to right rather than the other way ’round.

And THEY — and Pat, the myofacial therapist — were stunned at what doing exercises to stimulate two parts of the brain had done for their vision.  “Look what I can see!”  “That is so different!  The painting of the girl over there — she has a FACE!  Why didn’t I see that before?”  They were stunned at how much more they were able to take in without being overwhelmed, seeing details and more.  I smiled to myself, knowing that while they were noticing their vision, much more was happening in their posture, their eye contact with each other and me, and way more than that.  The myofacial therapist, a ground-breaker in her own field who lectures nationally, was just as taken with all she experienced and how it could change the lives of people she meets.