The things Irlen lenses can do! Anyone who wants to save money on medication for their migraines, as well as reclaim that time and living in anticipation of the next one, should consider getting screened for Irlen and perhaps get lenses.

Danielle was struggling with 5-7 migraines a month. A nursing student, she was naturally oriented towards very conventional answers: sitting it out in a dark room. (Legal) drugs. Eliminating possible dietary triggers. Only when she was really desperate did she try something her husband had researched: Irlen lenses. Her skepticism vanished when she was able to work not just a single day and then require a day off: she worked 4 days in a row without a single migraine!

Check it out. You don’t have to

be dyslexic, or
have sensory processing, or
have reading issues, or
have difficulties with social interaction, or
have difficulties copying from the board, or
be autistic, or

to benefit!

Read Danielle’s story:

 This is Danielle,

 I have suffered from debilitating migraines as long as i can remember.  If you have had migraines you know the feeling, stabbing pain behind one eye, flashing lights, nausea, vomiting, inability to deal with the smallest sound and noise. My migraines limited my ability to stay outside, or get overheated.  I have been through CT scans, MRIs.  I have lost many days to my dark room.  I have missed many family gathering, dates and days of work.  

 As I grew up my migraines only got worse throughout stress, hormones, ect.  I am a nurse and grew up within a medical community.  So I looked through all the data regarding migraines, possible reason and triggers.  I eliminated all food triggers, and took up yoga to decrease stress.  As i began working more nights.  This did not help.  My neurologist encouraged switching to days and decrease me stress.  I then tried acupuncture, chiropractors, herbalist.  Only the herbalist seemed to help that much.  

 I continued to have at least 5-7 migraines per month.   I changed to a school job, but my migraines did not decrease.  They were out of control.  They increase my medication to “the highest level, they felt comfortable with”.  They encouraged me to think about botox.  I did the research and I hate to put more medications in my body then i have to.  And considering that botox just deadens the nerves left me feeling unsettled.  So at this time I was taking two medications daily for migraines and herbal.  At this point I could not work more then one day at a time. 

 My husband is a fixer.  He wanted to know what was wrong and what could fix it.  He spent many days and nights looking on the internet for answers.  He fell into Irlen syndrome.  He sent me the link and information.  I admit it was skeptical.  

 As many nurses, and doctors know that we live in a brightly lighted, computers, and constant electronic use. I did research on the syndrome and was still skeptical.  

 Then I was hit with a migraine that almost sent me to the ER.  Which is the worse place for a migraine sufferer.  That was it.  I scheduled with Shoshana Shamberg, Irlen Diagnostician in Baltimore, MD.  After four hours working with her, the Irlen /Environmental/Perceptual Testing and her Irlen colored lenses, I was amazed my brain could feel so relaxed and calm no matter how bright the lights were.  

 I didn’t want to wait for my glasses to come.  And then my life changed……… my glasses came just in time.  I put them on and felt completely different.  The next couple days i was scheduled to work (4 days in a row)  This was the ultimate test.  

 I have been wearing my glasses for two and half weeks with not one migraine.  I have been able to study without pain or knowing that a migraine was eventual.  

 I have been telling everyone i know about this.  Once I pass the boards,  I want to take the information to various classes and professionals, because i believe that this could save many people from suffering for any longer then they have to.  Hopefully i will be able to decrease my medications and start living a life with fewer and fewer migraines.